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Name: Sherree Biddle 10/12/2010
Web Site Found Via:    We have linked your website to our TAFESA Moodle - Online Resources
Location: Adelaide SA
Comments: I am a person with a mental illness (single parent with a child) who has worked in the mental health field for the last 4.5 years and have started as Lecturer in the Certificate IV Mental Health program at Adelaide City Campus. TAFESA South.
Thanks for a fantastic organisation for the children!
Email: sherree.biddle@tafesa.edu.au

Name: Kat Drake 7/10/2010
Web Site Found Via:    google search
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Comments: Accessed as a worker. The resources on this website will be very helpful in assisting my clients!
Email: kat.drake@forensicare.vic.gov.au

Name: angie berliner 2/9/2010
Web Site Found Via:    lucky hit
Location: New Zealand
Comments: This is great. I work for an organisation that provides support for family members of those with mental illness (Supporting Families). We are in the process of developing a support and education program specifically for children and this site is a real inspiration. Thanks.
Email: angie@sfwakatipu.org.nz

Name: carmel lewis 22/6/2010
Web Site Found Via:    browsing through the ARAFMI website
Location: perth western australia
Comments: the Comic song is so right on the button! -Wish it had been around 35 or so years ago but no matter your here now! will keep an eye on your website more often now guys you are so needed .AND YES SOMETIMES YOU JUST HAVE TO LAUGH CAUSE SMILES AND LAUGHTER SOMETIMES ARE JUST THE BEST MEDICINE !!!!!!!!
Email: spazwok1@bigpond.net.au

Name: Mary Hall 30/1/2010
Web Site Found Via:    I heard something mentioned on the radio
Location: Perth Western Australia
Comments: This is a much needed service as there are many children growing up in families where one or both parents have significant mental illnesses.
Some mental health issues are difficult enough for adults to handle but it must be very hard for children when their own survival depends on parents who,at times, are not able to provide a secure, consistent and peaceful home for their children.
There is also much dislocation of families in our society where families are located away from their extended family groups and this further isolates the children from the support they might otherwise receive from an extended family group.
So I applaud groups such as yours that tries to make a difference for these children.
Email: mary@zoob.net

Name: Jim McAlinden 27/11/2009
Web Site Found Via:    via COPMI
Location: Frankston and Mornington Peninsula - Victoria - Anglicare victoria - ChildFIRST
Email: jim.mcalinden@anglicarevic.org.au

Name: Dian Faranda-Pluke 27/10/2009
Web Site Found Via:    google
Location: Australia Adelaide
Comments: I am the respite co-ordintator for mindaustralia. Offering short term respite to clients and their families.
Email: dfaranda@mindaustralia.com.au

Name: Kelly CHUO 23/10/2009
Web Site Found Via:    Auseinet
Location: Adelaide
Email: kellychl87@hotmail.com

Name: Steve Moskal 17/10/2009
Web Site Found Via:    Article in SMH
Location: Sydney
Comments: The key to this is the parents getting the right kind of help as this will significantly reduce the burden of the children. Mental Health systems are by no means easy to deal with and they need to improve on their communication and other practices to lift the burden on carers and in this case, for child carers who need more support. People with mental illness are just not getting the help from services that are available and this is due to poor communication and other practices in the mental health system. The system doesn't engage carers very well at all, and for child carers the level of engagement would be very poor. Too much is pushed onto carers.

Community understanding of mental illness is very poor and mental health systems do not provide adequate information about diagnosis and treatments and focus too much on a medication approach. Community awareness and understanding of the poor medication-centric practices in mental health systems is almost non-existant.

Refer to my site http://www.communities.mentalwakeup.com, or more specifically
http://communities.mentalwakeup.com/tiki-index.php?page=Mental%20Health%20Care%20Status%20Summary, or http://communities.mentalwakeup.com/tiki-index.php?page=carers, or http://communities.mentalwakeup.com/tiki-index.php?page=diagnosis for further details. I would be very happy to help more through web and other assistance on a voluntary basis - there are many ways to approach this. You have my email contact details (could not find one on your site). regards Steve
Email: stevem@mentalwakeup.com

Name: Bernadette Hamilton 30/9/2009
Web Site Found Via:    By Luck!
Location: Training and Development Team, MCOC, Springfield Road Belfast BT12 7DU
Comments: I have used your excellent resources in training social workers and other health professionals in the interface training (Adult Mental Health and Childcare Services).
Thank You
Email: bernadette.hamilton@belfasttrust.hscni.net

Entries 119 to 110