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Cricket to be made a Mainstream Sport in the USA by 2030

Cricket has been such a huge sport in the UK and in other parts of the world for several years now and has seen a vast amount of growth when it comes to international competition. But with the admission of the USA into the ICC in 2019, there has been a huge amount of change on the horizon across the pond to fully integrate the sport into American culture. In this article, we will be providing you with the latest information regarding these changes in their bid to make cricket a mainstream sport in the USA by 2030.

Associate Members of the Cricket Council in 2019

The USA has had its heart set on making Cricket one of the many sports in their country throughout the course of the sporting year. This willingness to bring the sport into the country saw the ICC (International Cricket Council) grant them associate membership status in 2019. This membership status has meant that the USA can play one-day matches as well as T20 matches against several smaller nations. However, with restrictions on many larger international games, until they have full membership into the ICC, the USA cricket team and their board of directors have laid out a plan to get not only this full membership but cricket into the 2028 LA Olympics.

The Launch Of A T20 Cricket League In 2022

Though they only have minimal access to competitions with the current membership that they have, there are plans for the American side to enter into the T20 with their own league able of attracting some of the best international teams in cricket. This can mean a huge boost in popularity for the sport across the pond as it not only brings it to the forefront but allows the USA team to work towards a full membership with the ICC.

The USA cricket CEO Iain Higgins revealed that the plan to launch USA Major League Cricket by 2022 is just a small step in a much larger plan to bring cricket to new heights as they aim for full membership by 2030. Along with this, he also announced the five key steps that they need to get right for cricket to be a success in the USA, these are:

He stated that when these five objectives have been met, the league will be able to operate successfully with everything they need to achieve new heights and work towards bringing the sport to the USA by the end of the decade. This is a process that will take time to achieve but will so not only the USA but the sport of cricket benefit greatly as a result.

The Push For Cricket In The 2028 Olympics

Along with the introduction of the 2022 Major League Cricket games, there is also set to be a huge push for the sport of cricket to be introduced into the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles. Though this will need to go through several board members and will need to coincide with the growth of the sport in the USA at this time, the USA cricket board have stated that they will work with them to push for cricket to be included in the major sporting event before the end of the decade. This is significant for not only the future of the sport in the USA but the future of the sport around the world as this is likely to improve popularity significantly and bring in a new wave of fresh talent to the sport not only across the pond but to International competitions by extension.


As the USA continue their push into cricket and international competition, several people are wondering what this will do for the popularity of the sport as well as changing attitudes to sports betting in the USA. With many states still working to push the bill to allow sports betting, the introduction of the sport, as well as the sites with cricket betting stats that already exist could be a huge amount of revenue being generated for each state not only on an international level but a national level also. This could see many states such as Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey and several more of these states benefiting from this new line of revenue.

With this in mind, there are several ways that the introduction of cricket in the USA can benefit the sport as well as several betting companies both here and across the pond. But will it be as popular when it compared to the NFL and the NBA? Only time will tell.