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T20 INTERNATIONALS Record/Statistic Player Match Details Ground
First Match 16/03/2014      
Matches Played 52      
Matches Won 30 (57.69%)      
Matches Lost 21 (40.38%)      
Matches Tied 0 (0.00%)      
Matches with No Result 1 (1.92%)      
Capped Players 41      
Highest Individual Innings 110* D S Airee*  02/04/2022 v MalaysiaTribhuvan University International Cricket Ground
Most Career Runs 1,033 D S Airee*    
Best Bat Avg (Min 25 Inns) 39.73 D S Airee*    
Best Bowling 5/21 Karan KC*  31/03/2022 v Papua New GuineaTribhuvan University International Cricket Ground
Most Career Wickets 73 S Lamichhane*    
Best Bowl Avg (Min 20 Wkts) 12.60 S Lamichhane*    
Most Career Catches 19 G Malla*    
   D S Airee*    
Most Career Dismissals 16 (8 ca, 8 st) B Bhandari*    
Highest Team Innings 238/3   24/04/2021 v NetherlandsTribhuvan University International Cricket Ground
Lowest Team Innings* 53*Side Dismissed13/07/2015 v IrelandCivil Service Cricket Club
Highest Run Chase Achieved 154/1   28/09/2019 v SingaporeIndian Association Ground
First 100 Scored 106*  P Khadka   28/09/2019 v Singapore Indian Association Ground
Average Runs per Over 7.47      
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