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 Ground Records and Statistics - One Day Internationals

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  Series Match Date Result
1 2013-2014 ICC World Cup Qualifier 1st Match  23/01/2014 Scotland won by 170 runs
2 2013-2014 ICC World Cup Qualifier 4th Match  30/01/2014 Scotland won by 3 wickets
3 2014-2015 New Zealand v. Sri Lanka 1st Match  11/01/2015 New Zealand won by 3 wickets
4 2014-2015 ICC World Cup 1st Match  14/02/2015 New Zealand won by 98 runs
5 2014-2015 ICC World Cup 10th Match  21/02/2015 West Indies won by 150 runs
6 2014-2015 ICC World Cup 14th Match  23/02/2015 England won by 119 runs
7 2015-2016 New Zealand v. Sri Lanka 1st Match  26/12/2015 New Zealand won by 7 wickets
8 2015-2016 New Zealand v. Sri Lanka 2nd Match  28/12/2015 New Zealand won by 10 wickets
9 2016-2017 New Zealand v. Bangladesh 1st Match  26/12/2016 New Zealand won by 77 runs
10 2016-2017 New Zealand v. South Africa 2nd Match  22/02/2017 New Zealand won by 6 runs
11 2017-2018 New Zealand v. West Indies 2nd Match  23/12/2017 New Zealand won by 204 runs
12 2017-2018 New Zealand v. West Indies 3rd Match  26/12/2017 New Zealand won by 66 runs
13 2017-2018 New Zealand v. England 5th Match  10/03/2018 England won by 7 wickets
14 2018-2019 New Zealand v. Bangladesh 2nd Match  16/02/2019 New Zealand won by 8 wickets

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