Rinku Singh (India) - Career Batting - T20 Internationals
Date:		20/08/2023    
Runs:		38
Versus:		Ireland
Ground:		The Village     
Aggregate:	38
Average:		38.00Summary:
Date:		03/10/2023    
Runs:		37*
Versus:		Nepal
Ground:		Zhejiang University of Technology Cricket Field     
Aggregate:	75
Average:		75.00Summary:
Date:		23/11/2023    
Runs:		22*
Versus:		Australia
Ground:		Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy Cricket Stadium     
Aggregate:	97
Average:		97.00Summary:
Date:		26/11/2023    
Runs:		31*
Versus:		Australia
Ground:		Greenfield International Stadium     
Aggregate:	128
Average:		128.00Summary:
Date:		01/12/2023    
Runs:		46
Versus:		Australia
Ground:		Shaheed Veer Narayan Sing International Stadium     
Aggregate:	174
Average:		87.00Summary:
Date:		03/12/2023    
Runs:		6
Versus:		Australia
Ground:		M Chinnaswamy Stadium     
Aggregate:	180
Average:		60.00Summary:
Date:		12/12/2023    
Runs:		68*
Versus:		South Africa
Ground:		St George's Park     
Aggregate:	248
Average:		82.67Summary:
Date:		14/12/2023    
Runs:		14
Versus:		South Africa
Ground:		Wanderers Stadium     
Aggregate:	262
Average:		65.50Summary:
Date:		11/01/2024    
Runs:		16*
Versus:		Afghanistan
Ground:		Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium     
Aggregate:	278
Average:		69.50Summary:
Date:		14/01/2024    
Runs:		9*
Versus:		Afghanistan
Ground:		Holkar Cricket Stadium     
Aggregate:	287
Average:		71.75Summary:
Date:		17/01/2024    
Runs:		69*
Versus:		Afghanistan
Ground:		M Chinnaswamy Stadium     
Aggregate:	356
Average:		89.00
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