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You can search for a record or statistic on the HowSTAT website by performing a direct Google search for key words.
Enter the statistic you wish to search for in the text box below then click the [Search] icon - e.g. Virat Kohli, batting averages, ground records, most test runs, most ODI wickets
When you click "Search" the Google search engine will return a list of pages on the HowSTAT site which contain text which "matches" the text entered.
NOTE: Use the Find Players page to find a player.
Bingo - Big Wins & How to Score: Bingo is one of the oldest forms of gambling, with a 500-year history. The game is said to have originated in Italy, was picked up in France, and then made its way to the United Kingdom. It was more like a lottery game when it first started, rather than the game we all know and love today.
How to Beat Wagering Requirements: Wagering (also called playthrough) requirements impose a condition to play through the bonus amount for several times before you can withdraw any money. Depending on the casino and promo program, you'll have to play 20, 30, or even 200 times through the bonus amount to get paid. How do you meet these requirements while benefiting from a bonus?
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