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Wicket Runs Batsmen Country Versus Ground Match
1st 268 J B Hobbs / H Sutcliffe England South Africa Lord's 28/06/1924
2nd 291 A J Strauss / R W T Key England West Indies Lord's 22/07/2004
3rd 370 W J Edrich / D C S Compton England South Africa Lord's 21/06/1947
4th 286 K P Pietersen / I R Bell England South Africa Lord's 10/07/2008
5th 216 A R Border / G M Ritchie Australia England Lord's 27/06/1985
6th 274* G S A Sobers / D A J Holford West Indies England Lord's 16/06/1966
7th 174 M C Cowdrey / T G Evans England West Indies Lord's 20/06/1957
8th 332 I J L Trott / S C J Broad* England Pakistan Lord's 26/08/2010
9th 130 S R Waugh / G F Lawson Australia England Lord's 22/06/1989
10th 83 R Illingworth / J A Snow England West Indies Lord's 26/06/1969

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